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Paros architecture, Greece: The architecture of Paros island

    Paros Architecture: The Cycladic villages have, for most of them, a similar architecture:
The architecture of the villages in Paros
white cubic houses built the one upon the other, with wooden coloured windows, doors and balconies in narrow streets next to windmills and Byzantine churches…

This description applies also to the architecture of Paros.
Concerning the lay-out, the paros architecture looks much the same as in most villages in the Cyclades: small white house in narrow streets.
The main reason for that kind of building applies to all the islands: the rarity of building material and weather protection.

The architecture of Paros has a very interesting diversity of elements from different civilizations.

As you can see above in our history section, the island was conquered by many civilizations, and each of them left its architectural vestiges.

For example, in the town of Naoussa, one can admire the contrast between the Venetian port and the rest of the picturesque village.
The best manner to enjoy the Paros architecture and its magical shapes and shadows is to wander in those labyrinth streets.

The island has been inhabited since 3200 B.C. and many object of that time have been found in
Saliagos... more  
Literally “opposite Paros”, the island of Antiparos is located 4 nautical miles from the main port of Paros and only 1 mile from the beach of
Pounda. more
There is a wealth of paros churches on the island. The most famous is the Panagia Ekatontapiliani.
Paros composes of many religious feasts. Some are listed below dependent.



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