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Paros beaches, Greece: The beaches in Paros island

  Marchello and Krios
The beaches on the island of Paros These two beaches are situated in the huge bay of Parikia, on the opposite side of the Paros island’s capital of the same name. These are two long and sandy beaches with clear waters. The beach of Krios is connected to the campsite which is just behind and proposes many facilities.
Marchello is much quieter. The two beaches have a nice view over the capital and the capitals’ port with the boats getting in and out.
These beaches can be reached by caiques (small fishing boat that become a tourist transportation mode during the high season) from the port of Parikia with trips every 15mn. These beaches can also be reached by road.

Livadia is situated in the town of Parikia, about 700 meters from the port. It is the first beach of the huge bay of Parikia, and is divided in several sections, each part different from the other. There are some fully organised sections that offer sun beds, umbrellas and water sports facilities and some sections that remain unorganised, shadowed only by many trees.
The beach is situated in the south west of Parikia. It is a nice large sandy beach with clear waters. The beach is situated next to a campsite and gets quickly overcrowded. Depending on the wind direction, this beach can create many inoffensive waves which are appreciated by the children. There are a couple of beach bars and some parties are organised during summer.
The beach can be reached by the road and a bus stop is situated close to it.

Agia Irini

The tropical clichˇ of Ag Irini beachThe beach of Agia Irini is situated a few km in the south of Parikia. It is a small beach with many palm trees that resembles a tropical cliché and a waterside church. It is our team’s best beach selection. The only negative element is that its small size makes it easy to get crowded and that it is located quite far from the main road. Behind the beach one can find a semi-free campsite which looks more like a huge olive field and doesn’t disfigure at all the beach. In the campsite there is a great taverna that serves a big variety of Greek traditional food.

Kolimbithres is situated in the huge bay of Naoussa. It is one of the most famous beaches of the island.

  The beach is situated next to Parikia’s campsite and gets rapidly overcrowded.
It is a nice beach for the people who want to stay close to their accommodation in town, but lets not forget that there are so many other beaches on the island just waiting to be visited…

Santa Maria Beach
The beach of Santa Maria is situated in the area of Naoussa. It is actually a long beautiful coastline which is divided in several soft sandy beaches. Once there, you will be able to enjoy a great view over the island of Naxos. It is a fully organised beach offering sun beds and umbrellas as well as water sports facilities: windsurf, scuba diving…
The beach is connected to a campsite and gets overcrowded in pick season.
Santa Maria can be reached by bus and some times even by caique from the port of Naoussa.

Molos Beach
Molos BeachMolos beach is a small sandy beach situated near the village of Marmara, next to the other beaches. These beaches are beautiful with deep blue waters and offer a great view over the island of Naxos. These beaches are situated a couple of kilometres off-road and therefore remain quiet even in peak season.
These beaches can be reached by road, but only by private vehicle.

Golden Beach and New Golden Beach
The Golden beach (Chrissi Akti) is considered as one of the top beaches of the island. It is a 700 m long sandy beach, world known for its ideal wind conditions for windsurfing. New Golden Beach is situated next to the other. It is smaller and welcomes every August since 1993 the Professional Windsurfing World Cup with many windsurfing celebrities.
The beach is fully organised with windsurf rentals available in all the clubs.
You can find in this area several hotels, apartments and tavernas.
The beach can be reached by road.
This fame is righteous: the sea and the wind have sculpted the granite rocks into strange smooth shapes, all over the centuries, creating a really impressive landscape. Even better, the beach is a succession of small sandy coves which allows you, with a little luck, to enjoy sunbathing in your private spot.
Along the road, you can find some beach bars and tavernas.
On some parts of the beach, sun beds and umbrellas and even some water sports facilities are available.
The beach can be reached by road or by the caiques (small fishing boat) that leaves from the port of Naoussa.

Monastiri Beach
The beach is situated in the bay of Naoussa, a couple of kilometres after the beach of Kolymbithres. It is a beautiful sandy beach with clear waters, in a small bay surrounded by rocky hills. It is a very popular beach and gets overcrowded during high season. The beach is also a famous as a yacht spot.
A big taverna complex overlooks the beach and offers sun bed and umbrellas. There are also some water sports facilities. In the summer, many events are organised there, like concerts and beach parties.
Monastiri beach can be reached by road or by the caique( small fishing boat), that leaves from the port of Naoussa.

Pounda beach is situated 2 km from Logaras. It is a small beach with an ambience that is very similar to parties of the Paradise Beach of Mykonos…A big complex offering many facilities to the visitors: swimming pool, restaurant, bars and shops, sea sports, Bungee Jumping, loud music and all day and night parties. It attracts many visitors and must be the most crowded beach of Paros.
This beach can be reached easily by road.

Piso Livadi - Drios

Piso Livadi and Drios are two small villages situated on the east coast of the island. There are several beaches in that area.
More information in our villages section.

Other beaches
There are so many beaches in Paros that it would be impossible to describe all of them in a single page.

The best manner to discover them is by renting a car or motorbike and touring the island. You will be amazed…


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