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Paros local products, Greece: information about local products of Paros island

    The most famous paros local product of paros is of course the white semi transparent marble which was used in for most of the masterpieces of the Ancient Time (Venus de Milo).

The island of Paros also produces many agricultural products of excellent quality.


Paros winesWine
There are two majors producers on the island of Paros: The local cooperative and Manolis Moraitis.

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The food on the island of Paros is very similar to the other islands of the Cyclades with small variations and some local specialities. The specialities of Paros are:

Paros food - The “Mizithra”, a soft white cheese made from goat milk that is used in the salads instead of the feta.

- The “Gouna” is mackerel fish dried under the sun and served grilled.

- The traditional Petimezinia sweets and the pumpkin pie.





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