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Paros museums, Greece: The museums of Paros island

    Archaeological Museum of Paros
Paros archaeological museumThe Archaeological Museum of Paros is situated in Parikia, the island’s capital, next to the High School. It is one of the most interesting museums of Paros, and it houses finds from the Neolithic and Bronze era to the classical and Hellenistic period.

The Museum’s most important items are: the Marble Statue of Gorgo which was the Acrotirion of a temple, two marbles relief plaques from the church of Ekantotapiliani, the marble statue of Artemis of 2.74m high which was the cult statue of a sanctuary…

More information at the official site of the Greek Ministry of Culture:
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Other archaeological visits:
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  The Byzantine Museum of Parikia
The Byzantine Museum of Parikia can be visited inside the Church of Ekantotapiliani. The museum exhibits rare icons, church relics and other ecclesiastical objects from the post-Byzantine period.

The Byzantine Museum of Naoussa

The Museums is located in the Church of St. Nikolas, and displays Byzantine and post Byzantine art: Byzantine icons, vessels and engravings but also some Romans and Frankish sculptures.

The Folklore Art Museum and the Museum of Aegean Folk Culture of Lefkes
The small village of Lefkes houses two museums. The first is a museum dedicated to the traditional way of living of the parian people. It exhibits every day objects, houses textiles, embroideries, tools… The first to collect all these objects was Nikos Panteleos, followed by many other donations and all of them were finally concentrated in the first folk museum of the island.
The second museum is housed by the Lefkes village hotel and is privately run. It exhibits many objects from all over the Cyclades.





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