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Paros villages, Greece: Information and forecasts about the villages in Paros island



The villages of ParosParikia, also called Paros town or Hora, is the capital of the island. This town has a population of 3.000 inhabitants. It has been built on the same area than an ancient city.
Parikia is the commercial and cultural centre of Paros. It is also the main port with the most connections to the other islands and therefore welcomes thousands of visitors every summer.
The town surrounds the port. At the port’s entrance the trademark of Paros, a huge windmill, welcomes the visitor. The bus station to all directions and the taxi station are also located in this area.
All along the coast road, which is forbidden to cars during the evening, one can see on one side, many restaurants, tavernas, bars and night clubs and on the other, the town’s beach.
Behind the port, at a few minutes walk, lies the old traditional Cycladic settlement clustered around the hill of “Kastro”. It is a typical Cycladic quarter with white painted two-storey houses and old mansions with blue wooden doors, windows and balconies, along paved narrow labyrinth streets.

The bay of Parikia village
paros villages: Parikia village

The Kastro or castle is standing on the highest point of the town. It was built in the 13th century with the pieces and columns of an Ancient Acropolis (temple) that was standing at the same place. Today, the only things remaining from the castle are parts of a wall and a tower.

There are, around the Kastro, many churches: the church of Panagia Septembriani, the Church of Agia Eleni… but the most important of them is the Church of Panagia Ekatondapyliani, the Church of the Hundred Gates. It is considered as one of the most important Byzantine monuments of Greece and it is said that it was built by St. Helena, mother of the first Christian Emperor, Constantine.

The Church also houses an interesting museum. Another museum worth seeing is the Archaeological Museum, situated behind the Church of Ekatondapyliani. It houses objects (sculptures, vases…) from the Neolithic and Roman era.

There are many more things to visit near Hora: the ruins of Asclepieio, the temple of Aphrodite, the temple of Eileithyia, the temple of Zeus Ypatos…

The streets of Parikia village
Naoussa village
The bay of Naoussa

Naoussa is the most famous village in ParosNaoussa is a traditional picturesque fishing village situated in a huge bay in the north of the island, 10km away from Parikia. This village is considered as one of the prettiest villages of the Cyclades.
Despite a growing tourism, the village has kept its authentic character, with white painted houses along the narrow paved alleys and cute tiny churches and chapels.

The village of Naoussa is built around the small little port with its ruined Venetian castle and colourful caiques (small fishing boat).

There are many little tavernas and ouzeris on the port where the traditional “mezedes” are served. Near the port, there is a variety of bars and night clubs animated all night long.
The village is also famous for the large range of beaches it has to offer. Naoussa is situated in a huge bay with plenty of beaches off all kinds: Kolybithres, Agios Ioannis, Agioi Anargyroi, Monastiri… from the wildest beach to the most organised. These beaches can be reached by the road or by caiques.

The area is also rich from a cultural point of view, and offers the opportunity to visit many beautiful churches: the Church of the Assumption of the Vergin, Naoussa’s main church, located on the highest point of the village, or the church of St.Nikolaos which houses a Byzantine Museum with beautiful icons of the 13th century…On the 23rd of August, nine days after the Assumption of the Virgin, a great feast with fireworks and dancing takes place in the village, representing a pirate’s raid in the village.
In the surroundings, many archaeological sites and monuments can also be found.

The port of Naoussa

Lefkes village in parosLefkes is the loveliest village of Paros, located in the middle of the island, at 11km from Parikia. The village is situated on a hill plenty of olive and pine trees, at an altitude of 300m. It offers a fantastic view on the island of Naxos. This village has a population of 500 inhabitants.

Lefkes is a traditional village of little houses combining the Cycladic and Venetian architecture, beautiful 15th’s century churches, windmills and pigeon-lofts. This village used to be the capital of the island during the Middle Ages.
It is a quiet village not yet overcrowded by the mass tourism.
The main church of the village is the Church of Aghia Triada (Holy Trinity), made of fine white marble. It is housing rare Byzantine icons. There is also a Folk Art Museum that displays tools and clothing, and the Museum of Aegean Folk.
Visitors can also follow the “Byzantine Road”, a paved path that leads you after an hour walk to the village of Prodromos and further down to the sea.

Lefkes village
Agia Triada
Marpissa village
The streets of the beautiful village of Marpissa

The village of MarpissaMarpissa is a picturesque village situated 18km far from Parikia, on the hill of Kefalos, just above Piso Livadi. It is the most important village of the south of the island. As most of the villages in the Cyclade, Marpissa is built amphitheatrically around the hill.

Marpissa is a traditional village of white painted houses in narrow alleys, with some churches, windmills but not too many accommodations. It is one of the last authentic villages in Paros.

On the top of the hill Kefalos, there are ruins of an old Castle and the 16th century Moni of Agios Antonios(Monastery of St. Antonios).
The village is situated a couple of kilometres from the waterfront and the beaches of Piso Livadi, Logaras, Punda, Golden Beach and Drios are also part of it.


The village of Piso Livadi: a famous beach resortPiso Livadi can be found a couple of kilometres from Marpissa. It is a little fishing port situated 19 km away from Parikia.
It was once a quiet village by has been transformed and extendedly developed in order to welcome the tourists.
It is an important holiday resort that offers rentals, restaurants and cafés situated on the waterfront. The village is famous for its Greek cuisine.
Daily trip boats to Naxos, Ios, Santorini and Amorgos leave the little port.
Many beautiful beaches are located in the south of the village, like the Golden Beach, considered by many as one of the Mediterranean perfect spot for slalom windsurfing.
The Feast of Ascension Day is celebrated in the village with many happenings, sea food and wine.

Alyki village
Alyki is a village situated 16 km far from Parikia, the island’s capital, near the airport. It is very similar to the village of Piso Livadi. It is little fishing port facing the island of Antiparos. It has a large sandy beach.

The village is known for its tavernas situated on the waterfront offering fresh sea food and local wine.
There are many hotels, rooms, restaurants and cafés in the village. All the famous beaches of the island are situated further in the south.

There is also a museum in Alyki: the Scorpio’s Popular Museum, which was created by a fisherman, and displays miniatures of boats and monuments as small witnesses of the past.

Not far from Alyki are located the ruins of an ancient city, today in the bottom of the sea.

The beach of Alyki


Ambelas villageProdromos is situated 7 km far from Naoussa. It is a picturesque little village built in the Cycladic traditional way with white houses and lovely chapels and churches.

Prodromos and Marmara form together the community of “Archilogos”, which is the name of an ancient Parian poet. The village Prodromos took it name from the 17th century temple of St.Ioannis the Prodromos.

Ambelas is a small fishing village situated a few kilometres outside Naoussa, with some traditional tavernas serving fresh fish and tasty traditional plates.

Drios is situated 25 km from Parikia. It is a Cycladic village in a nice green environment. It has developed in the recent years a tourist infrastructure with many hotels, apartments and rooms. The village has a beautiful sandy beach with clear waters and an amazing view over the island of Drionisi. The most famous beaches of the island are located near the village.




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