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Paros: Discover the famous island of Paros Island Greece

    Paros Island is one of the most popular destinations of Greece, and welcomes thousands of visitors every summer. It is third in popularity after Mykonos and Santorini.

Paros: The ultimate guide to Paros

Paros Island has a population of 10.000 inhabitants.
is situated in the heart of the Cyclades, between Naxos, Mykonos, Ios, Sifnos and Syros.

It is located at 90 nautical miles from the port of Piraeus, about halfway between Athens and Santorini.

Paros is the third largest island of the Cyclades, after Naxos and Andros, with a surface area of 186 square km and 120 km of coastline.
Paros is considered as one of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades and has everything one expects from a Greek Island: traditional white painted villages of small cubic houses with blue doors

and windows, a lovely hilly countryside with endless vineyards, monasteries, churches and chapels, fishing harbours that turn into touristy areas during summer, plenty of activities, hotels, restaurants and some of the best nightlife and beaches of the Cyclades.

The island’s capital is Parikia, also the island’s main port. It has frequent connections to most of the other islands of the Aegean. Parikia is one of the two natural bays of the island.
The other bay is the bay of Naoussa, a little picturesque harbour and a famous resort. These two bays offer beautiful sandy beaches protected by the Meltemi, the local Cycladic wind.

A lot of the island’s beaches are still wild, but some are fully organised, offering to the visitors many water sports facilities. Some others are famous as windsurfing beaches. The Golden Beach welcomes every year the Windsurfing World Cup.

So, whether you’d like a peaceful, active or educational holiday or just feel like partying, Paros is a diversified island that can offer everything you are searching for…


The island has been inhabited since 3200 B.C. and many object of that time have been found in
Saliagos... more  
Paros composes of many religious feasts. Some are listed below dependent.
The Cycladic villages have adopted, for most of them, a similar architecture: white cubic houses built the one upon the other with wooden coloured windows, doors and balconies in narrow streets next to windmills and Byzantine churches

There is a wealth of paros churches on the island. The most famous is the Panagia Ekatontapiliani.
Literally “opposite Paros”, the island of Antiparos is located 4 nautical miles from the main port of Paros and only 1 mile from the beach of Pounda.





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